Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Blogger Beginning...

Heya everyone! So I am proud to officially call myself a blogger. I may be far from calling myself a pro, but I had to start somewhere! So where does one start with their first blog post??? An update perhaps?....

Tyler and I have been married for almost 5 months and let me just say they have flown by! In fact, I changed my name TODAY actually! I am officially Mackenzie Lee Christiansen. Longest name ever but I'll make due. We got married in December and may I just say that the day could not have been any more perfect. Planning the wedding was SOOO much fun (Tyler may say otherwise...) and to see it all come together was magical. I'll post pictures as soon as I educate myself a little better with this blogging thing... We adjusted really well into married life I would say. Life together just came naturally. It could be because we've known each other so well for so long. Nonetheless, we are loving life together. We live in a nice condo down in Provo so Tyler can be close for soccer practice. Being a Ute, I was a bit hesitant of P-town (my slang for Provo)... But, to be honest, it's grown on me. I love the young crowd and atmosphere. The couples skipping while holding hands gets a little too much for me though... We live a block away from our closest friends which has been a blast! Although we love our life down in Provo, we find ourselves up in Salt Lake a lot due to my schooling, Tyler's job, and family. We enjoy being up Salt Lake but hate the commuting, particularly with this bogus road construction beginning... BLAH!... Anways, more about Tyler's job... Tyler is working for Ivory Homes up in Salt Lake and is doing a MARVELOUS job! He has definitely found his niche. He recently got a promotion to being in charge of corporate relations in addition to still continuing with his old job on the Home Start Team. He is hoping to get a masters in Real Estate Development after school. He is also coaching a 13-year-old girls' competition soccer team. He puts his heart and soul into it and absolutely loves it. The girls just finished their season undefeated and will head into state cup this weekend. He's an amazing coach and the girls adore him. I know that if I had a coach as cute as Tyler when I was that age there would definitely be a crush... I'm afraid that I'm going to get a ball to the head at one of these games. As for me, I am beginning summer school in a week. I'm in the home stretch and look forward to being finished!

I apologize for this scatter-brained post. I'll get better, I promise. I hope you and yours are well!


  1. how cute is your blog! love it. yes i agree. skippin holding hands is a little much. :) only in p-town. hello when you guys are here in provo we need to have you over to our new place!

  2. Yeah to your blog!!! Excited to see more posts!

  3. I am WAY happy you have a blog now. I can add you to my stalk...I mean blog list.

  4. Hey- Remember when you blogged once? I think that should continue! Now that it is a year later... haha Love you!